Natural Worlds

Cortina Leathers | Natural Worlds | Virginia Langley
Cortina Leathers | Virginia Langley


The art of nature is depicted in this collection of pure leather luxury.

Presented in a range of colorations and textures, the essence of nature’s beauty is reflected with a subtle sophistication that highlights the dimension, details, and textures of this beautiful organic material.

From hues of sandstone to shades of oceans near and far, from warm sunrises to blissful radiating sunsets, these selections are overlaid with a textural finish that enhances the natural grain. Each feels alluring and mesmerizing when layered, bringing a new harmony that will dazzle any interior.

Cortina Leathers | Amber | Virginia Langley


Cortina Leathers | Argento | Virginia Langley


Cortina Leathers | Beach | Virginia Langley


Cortina Leathers | Burnt Rose | Virginia Langley

Burnt Rose

Cortina Leathers | City Silver | Virginia Langley

City Silver

Cortina Leathers | Denim | Virginia Langley

Denim Metallic

Cortina Leathers | Gun Metal | Virginia Langley


Cortina Leathers | Ivory Pearl | Virginia Langley

Ivory Pearl

Cortina Leathers | Malibu | Virginia Langley


Cortina Leathers | Platinum Oyster | Virginia Langley

Platinum Oyster

Cortina Leathers | Silver Charcoal | Virginia Langely

Silver Charcoal

Cortina Leathers | Titanium Olive | Virginia Langley

Titanium Olive

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