Cortina Leathers | Virginia Langley

The Luster Collection

The velvet organic touch of suede meets an innovative embossing technique in Cortina Leather’s latest collection. Curated by interior design authority Virginia Langley, the Luster Collection includes three textured suedes in fresh new design styles. The tanning process is what sets Luster apart from other suedes, undergoing an expensive, time-intensive, double-retanning process to create rich, deep colors and water and stain resistance throughout the hide. However, because this leather is not sprayed with a topcoat and is a pure aniline, it is vulnerable to high abrasion and may fade in direct sunlight.

Esprit Black

Esprit Burnt Sienna

Esprit Mink

Esprit Navy

Palermo Fossil

Palermo Gingerbread

Palermo Twilight

Palermo Smoke

Sanyati Sand

Sanyati Seal

Sanyati Seashell

Sanyati Tan