Arenzano Collection

Brintons | Virginia Langley

The Arenzano Collection

With each design collection, I want to project a sense of artistry & show that each design is handcrafted. In this modern world, I believe it is important to balance art & culture with contemporary technological advancements. I apply this combination to the way I design. Sketching and painting in conventional media is still something I love to do, but using digital cameras & Computer Aided Design are great advantages when manipulating my design work.

This collection is inspired by the wild elements of nature: exotic birds, patterns in stone, & animal skin textures. I interpret stone facets, & cut out rock patterns into modern abstract images. I also utilize oversized, but subtle, crocodile & zebra patterns to enhance and add dimension to the detailing in some of the designs.

The peacock, symbolic in almost every culture worldwide, embodies renewal, beauty, good fortune, & protection. Although the peacock can stand alone as an exquisite design, I used this exotic bird as a pivotal element in the Arenzano collection.

The design styling for some of the patterns has been influenced by Italian designers, such as Versace, with their classical yet bold ways of combining old world damasks, scroll outlines, & strong geometrics with modern exotic effects. Other designs have been created with contemporary multi-layering, textural, and tonal impressions.

Together these designs, form a sense of versatility and a wide diversity in styles for all categories & projects ranging from classical, transitional and through to contemporary minimalism.

The Arenzano Collection for Britons
The Arenzano Collection for Brintons by Virginia Langley