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Virginia Langley has more than 20 years experience in graphic and textile design, as well as digital photography and conventional  fine art. Virginia began her career in graphic design and advertising with BBDO.  She then joined NedGraphics on printed textiles and 3D simulation, working on design projects with many prestigious companies including Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Covington Fabrics and F. Schumacher to name a few.

Virginia founded Sky Designs, Inc. in 1995 to work on freelance projects. She also started Sky Rugs (, a rug company specializing in high-end, unique leather and hide rugs.In 2005, she signed on as a design collaborator with Durkan, a division of Mohawk Industries, to design a signature line of hospitality design collections. To date, she has designed more than 35 collections for Durkan carpet, with several as best sellers. In 2016, Virginia collaborated with Karastan Rugs to design high end residential styles for the famous luxury brand.


In 2013 Virginia formed a collaboration with Brintons, the largest Axminster company worldwide & a historic & prestigious carpet company founded in 1780 & based in the UK. Brintons holds the Royal Warrant for carpets in royal residences.In her spare time Virginia still loves to draw & paint wildlife & equestrian art & also recreational photography.  She also has a passion for horses & has two Quarter horses, one that she pleasure rides & the other is a performance horse, in the sport of Reining.  Her other hobbies are kayaking, snorkeling & sailing.

Travel is another passion & Virginia plans international trips each year to explore new places & look for design inspiration & global trends.

“Virginia also comes from a talented family.  Her father, John Baker is a renowned artist.  He paints wildlife & portrait art & has sold paintings across the globe, from South Africa to New Zealand.

Virginia’s brother, Andrew Baker is fast becoming a well know name for creature design  & science fiction design in the movie industry.  Having featured designs in movies such as The Hobbit & Godzilla, he is currently working on more very exciting upcoming movies by more Oscar winning directors.”

These links show some of both Virginia’s father & brother’s amazing artwork:

Andrew Baker – Creative Designer

Click here to view his work.

John Baker – Professional Artists

Click Here to view his work.


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