Camelia Rose Collection

Brintons | Virginia Langley

Camélia Rose embraces classic imagery, infused with a contemporary abstract style.

The classic rose & the Camélia flower with its mystical symmetry have been favored subjects in art, fashion and history throughout time. Fashion icon Coco Chanel has used these botanicals throughout the years as a timeless style in her designs & the design house still favors them in their latest trends. Luxury hotels have adorned their lobbies & suites with stunning arrangements throughout all the trending & styles of time.

These beautiful florals depict grace and elegance and for centuries have been symbolized for love, luxury, royalty and purity for many different cultures around the world.

So it seems fitting to celebrate them in a range of styles from old world etchings, antique damask patterns and stylized calligraphy art, all the way through to abstract contemporary interpretations and modernized Impressionism. Created with bold, dynamic effects and freshness noted directly from the latest fashion runway trends of Europe and New York.

Camélia Rose brings a fragrance of romantic elegance to modern luxury & glamour.